baby boland update-18.5 weeks {gender reveal!}

The day has finally come! Today was our big ultrasound & our little baby is so beautiful! From the moment the ultrasound started the baby was moving, kicking & punching like crazy. The movements I’ve been feeling definitely line up with all the movement we saw today. From what we could see everything looks great!

I know, I know…the cute profile shots, little arms & feet & skull shot are cute & all, but what you really want to know is the gender.

That’s right! It’s a girl! Little Judah (middle name to be decided) is coming in June! We’re super excited!

Now time to start shopping for clothes & fabric… šŸ˜‰


happy birthday malachi

Playing a little catch up…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALACHI! Malachi’s first birthday was so much fun. Grandma Joyce, Tio Isaac & cousin Edward came down to visit & we had breakfast at the Living Room to celebrate his day.

Later that night we made our favorite Banana Crunch Muffins & sang our cute little one Happy Birthday. He wasn’t quite sure what to do with the candle, but he demolished the muffin!

It was the perfect mellow way to celebrate his birthday.

baby boland update

Yesterday I had my first appointment with Kaiser (my insurance just changed) & I loved it. I had a great midwife, things are looking great, & I got to see our sweet baby! Ultrasounds are seriously the best! The baby was moving all around & doing lots of kicking. I can’t wait until I can feel those little feet…well, that is until they start waking me up at 3 a.m.

You can see the spine, legs, & a profile of part of the face in the picture. Baby was not being super cooperative so this is the best shot we’ve got for now.


On January 26 we go back for our big ultrasound & we are eagerly counting down the days until we get to see if baby is a boy or a girl. Nate’s leaning towards girl, but I have no clue! I’m not even attempting to guess this time.

Until next time…(hopefully soon)

baby boland #3


today was my very first doctors appointment. baby boland is totally healthy & their heart beat was nice & strong. thankfully, the doctor gave me aĀ prescriptionĀ for zofran so hopefully i will return to the land of the living soon & actually be able to keep down some food. that would be amazing! my due date was changed from june 15 to june 23, so who knows, i may be spending my 30th birthday in the hospital!


9 (ish) months old

I took this a couple of weeks ago but totally forgot to post it! Oops!

You just keep getting bigger and bigger. Your two bottom teeth are just hanging by themselves, though one of your top teeth is struggling to slowly make its way out. You started this fun habit of bolting out the front door as soon as it’s opened. You are determined to make it down the front steps so we’re trying to work with you on going down the right way. You also LOVE the bath, as soon as you hear the water turn on you stop whatever it is you’re doing and make a beeline for the bathroom. You and your papa love to play chase, you giggle and crawl as fast as you can, but never make it away fast enough. You love your brother more than anything, I love to watch you guys cuddle on the floor and wrestle. Soon you’ll be big enough to actually take him. I’ve been horrible at keeping track of stuff this month, but this seems like all the big stuff. šŸ™‚

Love you sweet boy.